Ballantyne Visits Little Flyers Nursery to Discuss 1140 Rollout

Michelle Ballantyne visited the Little Flyers Nursery in Newbridge to discuss the rollout of funded childcare.

The former early years spokesperson has been speaking to nurseries about the impact that implementing the Scottish Government’s changes has had on nursery staff.

Last year a Freedom of Information request from the Scottish Conservatives highlighted that only 17% of public nurseries are currently meeting the 1140 target last March and that due to staffing issues there are concerns that might not be met.

This has impacted the private sector who will take on more nursery spaces than previously forecast, up from 4 per cent to 26 per cent.

The Scottish Government also introduced stricter qualification requirements for nursery managers, meaning that they will all need to have SCQF Level 9. There are fears that many nursery managers will not retrain as they approach retirement.

The South Scotland MSP has called on the Scottish Government to address growing concerns regarding the lack of support and engagement for private nurseries.

Michelle Ballantyne MSP commented:

“It was great to visit Little Flyers Nursery and meet the staff to discuss how the government can help them deliver for our young people.

“Far too often, the SNP Government comes up with ideas but doesn’t engage with the people on the front-line who then struggle to deliver the change. We are hearing more and more examples of businesses either pulling out of impossible partnerships, or closing down all together.

“We need to work together with nursery managers across Scotland and support them in delivering high quality, affordable and flexible childcare that gives our young people the best start in life. The SNP launched this policy to huge fanfare. They must get it right or parents will be bitterly disappointed.”