Holyrood News

MSP Promotes Pension Education for Youngsters

 At First Minister’s Questions (FMQs), Michelle Ballantyne MSP asked Nicola Sturgeon whether she would consider adding pension education into the school curriculum.


MSP Raises Questions Over Benefit Change

Today in the Scottish Parliament, Michelle Ballantyne MSP raised an urgent question about the Scottish Government’s decision not to deliver Severe Disablement Allowance (SDA).

Praise for Borders' Wellbeing Initiative

This week Michelle Ballantyne, MSP for South Scotland, praised the efforts of Volunteer Centre Borders and NHS Borders for the Volunteering for Wellbeing Initiative.

SNP ‘clueless’ about where to put 400 new benefits staff

The SNP government has admitted it has no idea where in Scotland it’s going to place hundreds of new staff working for the country’s new benefits agency.

An estimated 400 staff will be hired to work in councils across Scotland to help deliver the newly-devolved powers to communities.

Scotland’s block grant going up in real and cash terms

New analysis has revealed that Scotland’s block grant from Westminster is going up – both in cash and real terms.

The figures show increases in both measures, despite the SNP claiming that the UK Government is cutting cash to Scotland.