Midlothian Schools Struggle to Fill 78 Teaching Posts

Statistics revealed recently have highlighted there have been a high number of teacher posts which have been re-advertised in Midlothian.

There have been 78 teaching places at schools in Midlothian, which have been re-advertised over the past three years after the initial search failed to find a suitable candidate.

The figures, obtained by the Scottish Conservatives through a Freedom of Information (FOI) request indicate there were 84 teaching positions last year that Midlothian schools were struggling to fill.

The figures also indicate that Midlothian schools are finding it more difficult to recruit teachers than the rest of the nation. 19 local authorities in Scotland have re-posted fewer vacancies that Midlothian Council.

Aberdeenshire Council experienced the highest number of jobs re-advertised with over 360 posts in the last three years.

Across Scotland there were nearly 3000 positions which were re-advertised, the highest amount occurring in 2017, when there were nearly 1200 vacancies that Scottish schools were struggling to fill.

The country’s largest teaching union, the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), said the figures highlighted the “crisis” in the education system, with the profession struggling under heavy workloads and declining pay.

Councils are under a tremendous amount of pressure right now to recruit and retain teachers in Midlothian. The fact of the matter is that this is a direct result of a decade of chaotic workforce planning from the SNP Government.

Vacancies have meant that teachers have to bear more of a burden. This has clearly had an impact on morale within the industry and has also affected our young people.

In recent weeks, we have seen the public expression of anger within the profession about the SNP’s handling of education generally. That anger will continue to grow if the problems of teacher recruitment persist.