Time for Change at Leadburn

Last week, Scottish Borders Council (SBC) discussed a motion to set out how they can work with Midlothian Council over the Leadburn junction.

The Leadburn Junction which sits at the meeting point between the A701, A703 and A6094 has been the subject of debate in both SBC and Midlothian Council over the last decade. A 2010 report from Midlothian Council highlighted that there have been 34 reported injury incidents at the junction between 1981 and 2005.

Following from this, a local petition which called for a roundabout to be implemented at the junction gathered the support of over 700 signatories and re-sparked the debate about how to make the junction safer.

On Thursday 31st January, SBC will debate the motion:

“To ask the Leader to write to the Leader of Midlothian Council requesting that they take action to improve road safety at Leadburn Junction and offering support of officers at Scottish Borders Council to work with them in developing an improvement plan for the junction.”

The motion, lodged by Councillor Eric Small will encourage the leader of SBC, Shona Haslam, to contact Midlothian Council and urge them to take further action. The junction, which sits in Midlothian, is used by thousands of motorists in the Borders.

Midlothian Council are set to discuss a similar motion on February 12th 2019.

It is very encouraging to see SBC discussing the Leadburn Junction. Although it does not sit in the Borders, many motorists in the area use the junction often and have been put at risk by the dangers that the junction presents.

Many of my colleagues and I have campaigned for a roundabout to be implemented here. I hope that Midlothian Council listens to the concerns raised in this motion and that appropriate action is taken immediately.