Death is Still a Taboo Subject

Death is still a taboo subject and as a young student nurse I soon learnt that we addressed it in polite hushed tones and whispered in horror if someone suggested they didn’t want to live. Life is precious we would tell them, you must find the silver lining and fight to survive.

Re-thinking Education

From philosophers like Sidney Hook who say that “teachers are the heart of the educational system” to data driven pioneers like Bill Gates who argues that evidence dictates “it is more important to get [your child] assigned to a great teacher than a great school.” It is clear that the role that a

Am I Allowed to Say That?

“Am I allowed to say that?”


I don’t know about you, but this is a question I’m asking myself more and more each day. As an elected representative, I need to be careful about what I say but I’m finding that this is becoming the case in my private life as well.

No Clue Over Borders Railway Impact

The Scottish Government has come under fire after it has emerged that it does not know how many people have been effected by the delays and cancellations on the Borders Railway.


Less jobs for Midlothian youth

Figures released by the Scottish Government have highlighted that youth employment in Midlothian have decreased dramatically over the last decade.